Large frames, strong body build, intimidating looks – that’s probably how most people view most German shepherd dogs. These dogs are smart, and they look strong, too. Above all, they are a reliable breed.

German shepherd dogs are a favorite of the army and the police because they are fearless when it comes to police operations, even rescue operations. These dogs make efficient police and military dogs because they are not afraid to lose their lives on the battlefield. They make great sniffers, too! With a German shepherd dog, you already have a dog who could be a great guard dog and an efficient working dog.

However, despite their large size and tough exterior, German shepherds are not at all fearless. Just like some of the toughest humans, they get scared at some things as well.

German shepherds could be scared of just about anything. They could be terrified of being left alone, or the rumbling sound of thunderstorms. They could also fear cats or any other animal. As with other forms of fear, their fears are illogical as well. In fact, a significant number of German shepherd pups are even scared of seeing the vet.

In the video below, you will find an adult German Shepherd dog, named Enzo, sitting at the back of a moving car. When he was told he’d be visiting the vet, his calm demeanor took a sudden turn – Enzo began to look scared and desperate. Well, see for yourself how a tough dog instantly transformed into a “scaredy cat” after hearing from his owners that he’ll be visiting the vet. Play the video below by clicking on it:

We don’t know what happened to the poor dog right after he was taken to the vet, but we know for sure that he has nothing to be scared of. Good luck, Enzo!

Source xDBA3x via Youtube


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