Some parents won’t let dogs interact with their kids, especially babies. However, some parents are quite adventurous – they give it a try, under close supervision, of course. These babies who have dog guardians of their own must be a lucky bunch! At a very young age, they already have loyal and trustworthy guardians.

If you’re one of those parents who simply can’t allow your dog to play with your kid, you might want to think again. Some people believe that a dog could significantly help with a baby’s brain development. A baby might learn social skills sooner than you might expect!

You might be surprised one day that your kid has developed verbal skills. And all of these could happen with the help of a dog. Remember though, that no matter how well your dog behaves, don’t leave your kid and your dog unattended. Let them play and let them have fun, but don’t keep your sights away from them.

Speaking of dogs and kids, you’ll be delighted to see a fun video of a one and a half-year-old boy, Andonis Antonakis, and his dog, Brooklyn, playing with each other. Who says dogs don’t know how to entertain babies? Need some proof? Watch this:

Apparently, Brooklyn the dog running in circles and making funny faces in front of the kid is probably his modified version of peek-a-boo. We don’t know for sure what this game is called, but seeing Andonis’s reaction suggests that he’s having fun. Brooklyn’s fast-paced movements and Andonis’s contagious laughter tell us a bit about the special bond between the two. And we know for sure that the two will grow up closer to each other in the coming years – when Andonis is just a bit bigger.

Source Caters Clips via Youtube


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