Toddlers may be small, but when left out wandering on their own, they might get lost in vast lands away from home. Some might get found and rescued almost immediately although there are also some that are not quite so lucky and have to endure the harsh outdoors for quite some time. And we could only imagine the parents’ anxiety and desperation over a missing toddler.

A young girl’s family living in Australia had their share of worries and sleeplessness the night when their 3-year old daughter, Aurora, went missing. The little girl went from their rural home to the vast bushland and eventually got lost. The search for the missing toddler started after the family’s grandmother noticed that her granddaughter was nowhere to be found.

Although the search was conducted almost immediately after the grandma called, it was challenging for the police – the terrain was hilly, and the region was covered with thick bushes. It also began to rain heavily, which forced the search-and-rescue team to postpone the search for Aurora to the next day. It became a very long night for Aurora’s family, and even for the rescuers.

A hero

The following day, over a hundred people participated in Aurora’s search. Fortunately, some of the searchers heard Aurora’s call for help somewhere in the bushes. When the searchers began to approach the location, they discovered a dog, who began to lead them to the toddler. And before eight in the morning, they have discovered Aurora’s whereabouts. She was out in the cold and other than a few scratches; she was okay.

Apparently, the entire time she was out in the outdoors, she was accompanied by the family dog, Max – the very same dog who led the rescuers to her location. Max is 17 years of age and had kept the little girl company the entire night she had gone missing. Despite being blind and deaf, he never left Aurora’s side. And this heroic act even made him an honorary police dog.

Source Qldaah via Youtube


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