Dogs have different characteristics. Some are generally shy, and some are by default friendly. These qualities are unique to each dog, but they are all equally delightful. But, regardless of their different personalities, dogs proved that they could help humanity.

One of the things that astound me is police dogs. Their ability to follow orders is beyond extraordinary. Whenever people see police dogs, they can’t help but be proud of it; they exude respect.

But this article is not about successful police dogs; no, this is about a dog that failed to get into police work. Gavel, a German Shepherd puppy, fired in the police training for being “too friendly.”

Queensland Police Service Dog is the position intended for him, but he, later on, exhibited some characteristics that don’t fit the criteria for the job. An intimidating attitude is one of the dispositions a police dog should possess. But Gavel is just too friendly for people to find him daunting.

This adorable little guy got a new role as a greeter. He even got a new official title as the Vice-Regal Dog, working for the Governor of Queensland. His friendliness is now an advantage now that his duties include greeting visitors. Talk about the perfect fit.

Man, how I wish we can get paid just for being friendly, too! I bet Gavel can do no wrong now that he’s playing by his best assets. A work that doesn’t feel like a burden, a dream job for dogs! Lots of petting and attention!

Stories like this never fail to improve my day! Check out Gavel in the video below as his story aim to make your day pleasant! Someone even made a hilarious comment stating that the police job was a bit Ruff! Witty!

Video Credit Inside Edition‘s Youtube Account


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