On her recent store visit, Martine Taccia came upon a delightful scene which she immediately recorded using her cellphone. When she got home later, she shared it with her mom. The video provoked the same heartwarming feeling, and her mom decided to upload and share it on Facebook.  

To their surprise, it went viral! The sensational footage went up to an astonishing one million views and more after only a week. It goes only to show how the public can relate and get easily affected by simple acts of kindness to homeless dogs. 

Taccia witnessed and recorded the heartwarming scene on a cold, rainy afternoon inside the Ikea store in Catania, Italy.  The establishment’s staffs provided a comfortable space to two stray dogs inside the furniture area. 

On the midst of gloomy weather, the unfortunate pups had been given warmth and safety temporarily. The two canines appeared to be very contented lying in rugs.  

Photo source: noahromley via Instagram

Ikea is a well-known furniture and home goods store from Sweden and has several branches worldwide. They sell various kinds of home products and accessories as well as dog furniture. Well, truly the company live up to one of their aims. 

The video garnered some positive vibes and helpful advertisement for the company. It was known that such a remarkable act of compassion and kindness to pups has been a familiar sight in Ikea’s other chains. There were also random photos posted on Instagram showing this habitual charity. 

The dogs were provided with some foods and genuine affection. With luck, some homeless dogs also get adopted by random shoppers at the store.  

In 2014, the famous chain signed a partnership with Singapore’s animal welfare groups. They launched a project entitled Home for Hope which aimed to help local shelter dogs find adoptive parents through the help of information posted in their branches. 

Una bella iniziativa per dare riparo ai randagi mentre fuori piove…..tutto questo succede nel centro commerciale di IKEA(Catania- Sicily ☀)tra lo stupore di molti passanti,mia figlia emozionata mi ha mandato questo video! Vogliamo applaudire questa civiltà?👏👏👏👏👏

Posted by Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli on Saturday, November 10, 2018

Video uploaded by Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli on Facebook

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