Flowers have an amazing effect on women. Most tough girls, even more the soft-hearted ones, would easily get swayed either by an expensive bouquet or even just a single rose. They always do the trick in expressing an unspoken affection, an appreciation or an unexpected surprise 

One housewife thought that she started her day right when a flower delivery came to their home. Imagine the disenchantment felt by Debbie Cordone when she read the card.   

At first, Debbie was so glad because she thought her husband sent her flowers. According to her, her husband would normally do those kinds of stuff -randomly send her flowers. But this time, it was all for their family dog.  

After realizing what happened, she wittily posted about what happened on her Facebook account. 

Her post included two pictures of beautiful multi-colored roses being snuffled by a plump Bulldog. On a separate picture was a card that was wishing for Sebastian to feel better.  Aye, you read it right! The flowers were not for Debbie, but it was for their pup Sebastian. 

Photo source: Lily Cardone via Twitter

The flowers were sent by Sebastian’s dog daddy to cheer him up and encourage him to get better after he underwent an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) surgery. Well, it looks like the pampered pup enjoyed his special, fragrant treat after all.  

Debbie’s post became viral when her daughter, Lilly Cordone, took a screenshot of her post and shared it on her Twitter account. It gained a lot of attention and reactions from Twitter users.  

Photo source: Lily Cardone via Twitter

This goes to show that some pet owners would do something out of ordinary just to show their love and care for their dogs. With the Cordone family, Sebastian was treated not just a family dog but as a part of their family as well. 

Thanks to our friends for sharing with us this story.


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