For humans, jealousy is a natural emotion that we feel. We snap when we feel that other persons are getting more than what we currently have. Or when we see our loved ones giving more affection to others than to us.

But it is not just an emotion that is limited to humans. Apparently, even dogs feel jealous too. According to research at the University of California, it was discovered that dogs tend to have greater jealous emotions especially if they feel that their owners are excluding them of affection.

And jealousy on dogs is clearly evident in one of Chloe’s dog. Chloe is a dog lover and owns a couple of dogs. However, one of his dogs has an ear problem so that dog needs medication and a little ear massage.

One of Chloe’s dog noticed the affection their owner is showing to the sick dog. So the dog got jealous and insisted that he wanted the same medication and ear massage the other dog is getting.

And to solve the little ear situation they have, Chloe decided to do fake administration of the medicine to the jealous dogs just to stop it. Chloe also did a supplementary two-handed ear squeeze on the jealous dog.

The jealous dog was relieved with what Chloe did, and the whole situation was solved. Everyone was happy.

This little situation was caught on video and is now making rounds on the internet. Netizens laugh at the funny antics of the jealous dog, and they can’t help but share and like the video.

So if you are a dog lover who owns a couple of dogs and saw that one of your dogs is acting weird, that must be a sign that he is feeling jealousy over the other dogs. So make sure to treat your dogs equally without favoritism. Dogs need affection, and they need to have it equally with their other pup brothers and sisters.

Source: Chloe Copley via Twitter


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