Dogs cannot speak, but if they could, they’d probably try to tell their owners how much they love them. Despite their inability to speak, they do their best by doing what they think would make their owners happy. Dogs may be lowly animals, but we firmly believe that they are capable of loving the people close to them. Anything that makes their owners happy makes them happy as well.

However, emotions could badly affect dogs as well. Apart from feeling affectionate towards a human owner, dogs may also feel longingness and sometimes depression when apart from them. Dogs only have a few years to live, and yet, some of them, spend a considerable chunk of their time thinking of their owners. But when these owners come back, it’s almost always evident that the sight of their loved ones overjoys them. And the overflowing happiness sure is apparent with the dog in the video below.

Puppy and owner are reunited for holidays at Oregon airport

This is what the holidays are all about! ❤️🎄Anthony and his pup were reunited yesterday for the first time in almost three months at the Redmond Municipal Airport in Oregon. Thanks to McKayla Crump‎ for sharing!

Posted by ABC15 Arizona on Monday, December 24, 2018

In the video, you will see a dog patiently waiting in an airport in Oregon. A little later, the dog was asked to approach a strange man with a beard sitting in one of the waiting seats. The dog hesitated to approach the man for a while, perhaps because he was a bit scared to do so. When the dog came a little closer, his excitement began to build up: his tail began to wag, and his demeanor progressed from scared to overly happy. The dog knew the man after all!

It turned out that the strange man in the airport was his owner, who had been away from home serving the country as a soldier. And the dog hasn’t seen him for months until of course the very day they met at the airport. His owner may look a bit different than what he used to look like when the dog last saw him, but he’s still the same guy the dog cherished.

Source ABC15 Arizona via Facebook


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