On November 8, 2018, a deadly campfire started in Butte County then spread across Northern California damaging the small community of Concow at the foot of the town Paradise. The fire devastated more than sixty-two thousand hectares of land, eighteen thousand establishments, and took about eighty-five lives with three that are still missing. Billions of properties were damaged including the home of the loyal Anatolian Shepherd Dog named Madison.

During the fire, Madison could not be found in their home, so the owners decided to move out quickly as the fire was rapidly spreading throughout the area. After the fire was declared fire out, firemen and police officers started clearing operations. Residents were not yet allowed to go back to their properties. But this little fellow Madison went back to his home guarding the burnt property for many weeks.

He guarded the property waiting for his owner to come back. Andrea Gaylord, his 75-year-old owner, was not permitted to go back to her home but when she returned she was happy to found the loyal dog that waited for her fervently on the burnt house.

Trish King, a canine behavior consultant, agreed that Madison’s breed, the Anatolian Shepherd, has the nature of making sure that what belongs to them will stay guarded and protected at all times. This was the reason why Madison stayed weeks in their home despite the condition of the house. She further explained that for both humans and dogs, the loss of a home could be traumatic, but both processed the situation differently. Humans tend to analyze the situation along with emotions, but dogs live at the moment and will continue to do what it was trained to do. The place was his home, and his owners live in the house. He recognized the damaged stuff around the house, and because his owner who loves him lived there, he stayed there and waited even for many weeks.

Who was feeding Madison while the owners weren’t there? Sheila Colvin, who coincidentally rescued Madison’s brother, went to the burnt place regularly and left food and water to the loyal pooch which sustained him during his waiting period.

Source: Wayne Freedman via Facebook


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